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Air Freight

International Postal Express offers to our clients a cost effective, secure, timely and efficient solution for all air freight shipments, to and from any point in the world. We control the entire process from ground transportation, air consolidation, arrangement of cargo survey appropriate, this is because we have the right people at the right places. Time being the essence, we ensure speed matches reliability for your shipment. The air freight consist of Express shipping and Cargo(Normal shipping), The Express Shipping takes one day to reach and another 1-2 days for clearance of goods, Some time they may be delay or short landing of airlines,. If you are purchasing laptop, phones, or any liquid products, we do not recommend that you use express shipping due to the flight rules and regulation.

The Normal Shipping/Cargo Freight takes 7 days to reach and another 5-7 days for clearance of goods . This type of shipping is recommended for customers who want to save cost or customers that has a large number of goods.

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